We held our annual tour and business meeting in historic New Castle, Delaware on Feb. 20th.  Mike gave us tours of several buildings near the square, which is surrounded by buildings built before the Revolution!  A great place to visit!

  Mike leads the members away from the Historic Amstel house in New Castle, Del.   No, its not where the beer comes from.

 Mike discusses the Dutch House

  Mike brought out several items from the New Castle Hist. Society collections-
An original waistcoat- the owner died from the wound he received wearing it in a duel...notice the bloodstains.

  Members got to examine in detail several items....here Matt looks over some very well preserved buckskin breeches.
George and Cliff look over a linen shirt.

  Mike locks up the old Library where the items were held for the day.  The members greatly appreciated this rare opportunity to actually examine 18th Century objects closely.  We saw several pairs of ladies silk slippers/ shoes, a linen shirt and silk waistcoat, leather money wallet, a lace bonnet,  buckskin breeches and a frock coat from around 1820.

  "The Arsenal", what had been the Delaware arsenal in the early 1800's, and is now a resturaunt and tavern where we held the meeting- several members standing by the door.

The new men at arms are sworn in- Cliff, James and Jeff.  Welcome, all new members!

DRILL DAY     At the end of March we had a drill day with Heard's Brigade and the 24th Conn. Militia Reg't, at Princeton Battlefield.

 John, the curator, shows up an original blunderbuss              

 Jeff goes to check out lunch.              Getting ready after lunch.


 Alex, Frank, Jeffery and Matt take the field under Glenn on Saturday

Glenn's Company

The combined militia Outwater's/24th Conn, formed up with the rest of the troops at the Old Stone Bridge next to the Queen's Bridge.

Moving back into South Bound Brook just before the 2nd battle after having lunch.

 Vi looks over our camp            John and Julie smile at "Banjo Bill" Higbee's song.

 Tom and Rich listen to the music
 George, Cliff and James ready to take the field on Sunday.

 The combined forces prepare to repluse a British scouting party nearby- notice the riflemen squatting in the rear....almost invisible are some Hessian Jeagers  in green coats behind the trees between the officers heads and the far end of the line.

George, Tom, Cliff, James and Glenn after the Sunday skirmish.

The Raid on Closter event  April 24

We were invited to participate in a small event to eelebrate the town of Closter's 300 year anniversary of being settled.
 We gathered together at the Kearney house at Alpine boat basin, before being bussed to the site-

 A private residence, a colonial Dutch house built before the Revolution.  The public gathered in the yard here. On the left...

 We fought in these woods, with the Brits moving just down the slope, and the public about where the militia is standing.  Alex is getting some help with his lock of his new musket.

 Glenn had overall command of the American militia.

 Cliff, Alex and George talk after the skirmish.  We were bussed back, and they had a 'tavern night' open to the public, with plenty of food, drink and merriment for the reenactors!

History Fair at the Staats House,  May 1st.

 Michele cooks, while the kids play.

Tom and Kathy at the Somerset County Hertiage tables

 Glenn holds up the fly...        While Wes shows Coopering, and Robin and Vi spin.

 George played in his old time band....   across from camp.

 Cliff and James peruse some paperwork.

On  June 19-20 we attended the Battle of Monmouth





Mid July some of us went up outside of Scranton for the "Escape from Wyoming" event- fighting Indians, renegades, Brits and Loyalists in the woods.



The first weekend of August we did a weekend show at Geo. Washington Crossing State Park, NJ.

 Julie displayed herbs and there medicinal uses.  Don and John get out their doctors equipment in back, and Jeff watches.

George gets some wood to work into something useful.  

   The Regimental surgeon and his ass't display their tools and medicines.

 John practices his knive work!      
  We also displayed what the common soldier carried, and what the muscians carried.

 George worked on making wooden handles and repairing tools.  

   Some of the public talking to Alex and Matt.

 Michele L. brought our newest member...  Who everyone enjoyed talking to!

 Frank weaves, Vi spins, and Rich talks to the crowd  
 Michele D cooked.  

 We were joined by Ted (on left) and Sue (on right in rear) from Rancocas Creek sutlerly to spend the day on Sunday.

Brandywine Creek State Park, Delaware, September

 George at our base     Matt on left playing fife

 A field reg't kitchen    Matt

 Jeff, Kathy from Heard's, Jim, Frank from the 24th, and George prepare to defend the wall.

 Starting to fire....   Volley fire

Yielding the war    

Marching back    The crew:  Glenn, Matt, Jeff, George, Cliff, Jim.

   Lord Stirling 18th Century Craft Festival, LS Park, Basking Ridge, NJ - 1st Sunday of Oct.
    Frank and Vi and Glenn set up camp and displays

 Tom represented the county cultural commission

Dey's Mansion,  October

 James talks to his family who came to watch

 James and Tom   Glenn

Fort Lee, November

 The combined militia

 Don and John doing their surgeons  

December 26th....The Battle of Trenton
 Marching back to the Old Barracks from the surrender field, snow falling

 an hour later dismissed...won't see bare ground again for 6 weeks!

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