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The Grand Reconnaisance, July 21-23, 2006

  Muskets at the Grand Reconnaisance- Ed, Glenn and George
 Our music at the Grand Recon- Matt and Chris
The militia prepares to march to the right and take the flank of the Allied forces.
militia moves to attackThe Militia moves to attack.
music in their CL coats  Chris and Matt in the Musician coats (reversed from normal red on blue) with George and Ed.

The Red Mill Museum event in August-
Viola shows spinning to Deb, and the kids watch.

Camp life- Deb does basketry, the kids play, Viola talks to Matt who is going fishing, and Frank watches one of the kids card wool.
 Lunch-Cooking a chicken on a spit, with corn on the cob in the kettle, spoon bread in the fry pan.

 Outwater's fires a volley- Glenn, Jeff, Frank, two of the 2nd NJ, and Matt plays fife- George, Jim and Bryan are far on the right out of sight.

Post battle, returning with the King George Effigy-Matt, Jeff, Frank, Glenn, Jim, and George.

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