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Glenn, Jim, Jon, and Jim at the Brigade 'School of the Soldier', New Windsor, NY

Jim, Don, Glenn and Mike with Honorary member Jim McMahon. Jim was a long time member.

Jim and Deb, Bob and Matt talk to a visiting Continental in fatigue cap.

Mike sharpens his tomahawk

Glenn as Serg't, forms the combined militia

Outwaters and others at

Lexington and Concord-Battle Road 2000

Ed is ready at Liberty Hall, the 225th of the Battle of Connecticut Farms

the militia receives the order to advance during a battle.

Mike cooks breakfast

Bob, Jim and Matt cook in a regimental kitchen

a picture of the firebox of a regimental kitchen. Each mess would have its own firebox dug into the circular interior of the mound. The chimney hole under the pan is about 4 inches across, and the heat comes out like a blowtorch once the fire is hot.


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