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Spring/Summer 2012

We had our annual meeting on Feb. 20th.  We toured Washington's HQ museum and the Ford Mansion in Morristown before the meeting.



In March, Alex received his Eagle rank, Boy Scouts highest rank- a significant achievement!


Wycoff-Garretson Open house, Franklin township, NJ





Work Day at New Bridge landing Park-  making fascines and  chevaux de frise,  18th Century fortification parts.

Washington Crossing historic park, Pa,  May


The NJ History Fair

 Rockford Plantation,  Lancaster, Pa.  June.


Montville Parade, June 30th

Fort Ticonderoga
 The wooden palisade/fence outer works. where we did our picquet duty.



                                                                                                                                              A star shaped fort, with wood abatis, stone walled killing ground, trench, star point

 Jim and Matt's brush shelter in front of the tree- Mt. Defiance in the rear.

Battle of Oriskany at Gelston Castle,  Mohawk, NY.

 Camped under the trees  


   1/3 of the American forces...

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