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Outwater's Militia,  2009

militia men at Franklin Inn, June 2009 
 On June 6-7 We had a dog and pony show at the Franklin Inn, in East Millstone, NJ.

civilian ladies work wool-spin and knit
Julie, Vi, and Johanna work with wool

John captivates the public

Frank explains flintlocks

Franklin Inn event militia men
Glenn, John and George smirk fo the camera

militia loading musket
George loads to fire his musket

Glenn is the voice of our King George effigy, while Frank prosecutes him for Tyranny.

Rateau men
Chuck Rateau, ex-commander, brings his sons to start reenacting

the new Recruits fire!

Michele is done cooking and relaxes with her daughter

Rick with their daughter Meridith


We had a big crowd of about 20 people

  The women did crafts- spinning, weaving, knitting, basketry, and we had our Surgeon and his mate ready to bleed and purge vistors!

 We had an 8 man squad, with George and Bill doing their first battle- Jeffery and Jim went to start the battle as the Light Infantry- they are now called "light" and "agile"

The militia marches in to battle....


  The new men go with Frank as we cover the uphill flank.

 Marching out  

Parade, July 3rd, Randolph, NJ

Another good turnout- 10 people marched with us.  Not shown are Julie and Galen.

Battle of Wyoming

  Frank stopped at Dixon's and got a new musket- much shorter than his fowler!

The main battle each day was escorting the public thru the woods while the loyalist tried to stop us...the public got to see the action up close!
Karen, Alex's mother, turns to talk to him back in the column.

Glenn talks to the 24th Conn.  who ran the great event!

Vi talks to the public.

Lecture to the Cub Scouts

Glenn gave a lecture to the Cub Scouts of Mercer County.

Aug 29-30  Battle of Newtown

 On Friday night, in the rain, Glenn, George, Matt and Mike drove up to Elmira, NY for the Battle of Newtown- the weather cleared and it was a great weekend!
Alex joined us Saturday morning.
Unfortunately, we had to use a cell phone for a camera...

We took the public on two woods walks and had to defend them from the Indians and their allies.

    Matt plays fife on the overlook in the evening.

They fed us Saturday evening and Sunday morning too!

On Sept 26th we participated in the Millstone, NJ W3R celebration.
First 3 volleys at the Reformed Church over the grave of a Continental soldier, then a short parade to the town hall...

 Where we tried King George for Tyranny, then hanged him.

Glenn, Kathy, Kathy, and Tom

  Vi Spins, Glenn eats, Frank hides behind Glenn.

Lord Stirling 18th Century Festival

Merideth and Michele by the fire.  Michele cooked a chicken on a string and soup.

Frank talks to Public                     Vi and Rich under the fly.

The Burning of Kingston, NY

Tom and Ken with members of the 24th Conn and Heard's waiting to repel the British landing

George cleans his musket

 George discussing the schedule with the public

  Resting by the fire after a very long day, starting for NY well before dawn

 Sunday we got to ride an historic trolley into town for the street battle.

Fort Lee, November 17

George and Glenn

James makes his first event

Battles of Trenton, Dec 27th

First squad firing at the Hessians trapped in the park.

The Hessian enemy

Formed for Battle, Outwater's being the first two lines and half of the next two.

The new men at arms:
Cliff, James, Jeff, Alex  doing his first battle with a musket)

Advancing during street battle

Alex, Frank, George in the composite squad

  The men at arms present-also there were civilian women Vi and Robin

Commander Glenn - Proud of the unit's turnout!

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