Outwater's Militia

Photo page 16,    2009

We had our annual meeting in Feb, starting with a tour of Rockingham in Rocky Hill, which was Washington's HQ for 6 months in 1783 at the end of the war.

Followed by our dinner meeting

On March 22nd we had a Drill Day to get the rust off after a long winter.

Combined militia drill together
 The combined militia companys- Heard's and Outwater's, assemble for Drill Day.

Michele cooks for the troops.

Outwater's Militia on drill day

Raphael from Heard's, with Wes, Alex, Julie, Mike, and Frank during a break.

 Taking care of the family!

Alex plans his next event, and Glenn...ponders which foot is hayfoot and which is strawfoot.

April 18-19 we co-hosted the Battle of Bound Brook

Outwater's Militia men at arms

The men at arms, above

Scenes from camp, below

The Brits drove us from Bound Brook, and took over the main intersection of town...I think we are being insulted!

On April 26th we went to the Grand Opening to the newly restored historic Doremus House in Montville, NJ.

Vi, Jim and his daughter and son pose.

Alex played a dual roll of Boy Scout and Reenactor.  Here they prepare to fire a volley for the opening presenttion of colors.


John and Julie make use of the shade- a high 90's day in April!

On May 2nd we were at the NJ Hisory Fair "the Spirit of the Jerseys" at G. Washington Crossing St. Park.

Frank drills some boys.

Vi works hard, while the men watch.

Wes by the SLOW burning fire where we baked a chicken in the Dutch oven.  
Behind him, Michele and Vi talk.
in a small skirmish, we take the flank
militia on marchThe militia marches back- Glenn, Wes, and Matt

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