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 Alex makes his first event!  Here he is with Vi at the Battle of Bound Brook.

Matt keeps watch for "Tory raiders" at the Staats house barn remains.

 Matt teaches Alex some drumming skills.

 Must be very hard work, if you can get it!

Art Show in Brooklyn

Jazz at the studio show....see the sign in back?

 Julie shows off her gown.

 Brian, George and Kathy relax...hey, who is guarding the art?

NJ History Fair, GW Crossing St. Park, NJ.

 A rabbit cooks on the spit while Frank watches.

A soldiers field gear on display

Matt and Frank meet The Baron Von Stueben, with Gary Stone of Monmouth Battlefield.

Doc gets his new shoes adjusted by Glenn....he is smiling because you don't get waited on by an officer too often!

Doc and Glenn do our skit of "The Trial of King George for Tyrany".  Vi laughs at King George calling Americans "cheeky" or worse.

Vi, Michele and Julie spin, sew and Crochet.

Julie, Frank and Vi  with the crafts display

Don and Matt have a loud disagreement with a Loyalist over our treatment of King George- we hanged him in effigy.

We attended the "Call to Arms" event at Washington Crossing State Park, Pennsylvania, an event set up as a recruitment opportunity for units, with a lecture on picking a unit, demo's etc.

militia camp John, Alex and his mother, Julie and Alex's Father relax in the brutal heat- around 100 and humidity to match!

 John and Julie return from a tour.

Vi takes a break from spinning to talk.

Jim wonders how to survive the heat.

Militia School of the Soldier- Moon Lake St Park, Pa.

 Alex checks out the cooking being done by Tina of Heard's Brigade.

 Jim ponders what it means to be an Earl while Dan and Steve of Heard's and Harry of the 24th  Conn and talk.

Harry, commanding the 24th Conn. Reg't of Militia, shows how the 2nd rank leans into the first to fire safely.

 The combined militia units- on the left is the 24th, on the right is a mix of Heard's and Outwater's.

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