Outwater's Militia,  July- Demember 2007

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On July 22 we were hired to be part of David Ford's art presentation at the ART OMI international in Ghent, NY.

  The camp set up.

  Standing Guard on the art.

  One of the artists with a wind up toy artwork, paintings in rear.

  An artist from Africa demos his painting...first he paints himself, then the canvas.

  Jeff stands guard over David Ford's  hole in the ground artwork- people had to stand on those white stairs to see it.

  Sculptures- recycling plastic bottles in piramid,  colored cloth in field.

  George checks the two sculpture guards, Jeff and Peter.

Cooches Bridge, Aug, 2007

George talks to Kathy O. of Heard's,  and Mike discuss the BLISTERING heat.
Mike, Kathy O, George and Matt prepare dinner at the Reg't kitchen
Ken of Heard's, George and Matt discuss the battles.
George, Mike and Matt do lunch.
 Ken talks to the Heard's Militia Horse.

Saratoga 230th, Oct. 2007

 Here is a shot of the Militia Battalion moving against the British line in front.  Glenn can be seen in the center of the American line between the sergent in green holding his musket overhead to mark the line, and the officer holding his staff overhead.  George is in there too.  PHOTO courtesy of the photographer,  Ray Rodrigues.  No one brought a camera, so his permission to use this is appreciated.

The militia Battalion at Saratoga 230th.  Photo by staff photographer Liz Wiltrout.  She  has a photo website for the 230th Saratoga at:

The combined militia company- Outwater's, Heard's and 24th CMR. Photo by Liz Wiltrout. She has a photo website for the 230th                                                                                                                         Saratoga at:
Matt (front center, red coat) was made the Music Major for the event!!!  Photo by Kelly Rhinehart-Harris.   Her website is at:

Battles of Trenton, Dec. 29th.

24th Conn. Militia Reg't and other combined militia- see George in rear rank?

Combined Militia...Peter and Jeffery are barely seen behind Diane in the gray wool shirt in front, George can be seen behind the  Serg'ts (red tab on shoulder)  left shoulder far in back...Glenn took the picture.

Matt was asked to help the Hessians and be their fifer....they gave him this sharp looking uniform, but he said he did NOT smell any better.

The combined Militia company at the Battles of Trenton, minus George and Matt.

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