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Bordentown, NJ.  June 9-10.  Outwater's, Heard's, and the 24th Conn. Militia Reg't formed a company.

 Ready to go at them!

 Jeffery was assigned to the Light Infantry.

Glenn lines up the front of the 2nd platoon as we fall back on Saturday.  The red coated lads are American musicians, who wore coats in reverse of their regimental pattern of Blue with Red facings.

 Moving into position...Peter is just in sight behind the musket of the man in front.   Behind him can be seen a bit of Brian in the floppy brown hat.  Glenn leads the platoon, seen on the left.

 Glenn returns a salute as we parade past the crowd after our victory Saturday.  Brian is next to him, Peter barely seen in the rear rank.

  Nooning on Sunday- Mike, Tracey, Matt, Jeffery, Peter and George.

  The combined Militia company pauses during the Battle on Sunday, about to right face and volley into the enemy.  Heard's Brigade, the 24th Conn. Reg't of Militia and Outwater's formed a solid company for Bordentown- and impressed the Battalion officers with its excellent service.  Glenn had the honor of commanding the company on Sunday.  Steve Tichener of Heard's commanded on Saturday, and was kind enough to share the role on Sunday!

  The combined militia company extends down past the tall Serg't (Dan Morris of Heard's) in the brown coat with red epaullets, almost to the Ensign (flag).  Jeffery is seen on the right rear.

Monmouth,  June 23rd....

Outwater's agained formed up in a combined Militia company with Heard's and the 24th Connecticut.

Getting some info on the original battle from Harry, 24th Conn. Militia, commander of combined Militia at Monmouth.

Matt and George relax in the shade, while Peter, Jeff, Brian and Heard's members relax under the fly.

Vi always draws a BIGGER crowd than the rest of us- she always has someone standing by watching her use her spinning wheel.

The mixed camp, home to all!

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