Yorktown 225th,

 Oct. 2006

A large number of us went to the 225th anniversary event at Yorktown, Virginia.  Attending members were: Glenn, George, Jim P, Bob, Mike and Tracey, Frank and Vi, Jim R, Don and Pat, Kevin, and our fifer Matt.
 The 1st platoon of the militia at Yorktown- Jim P. on far end of line, last three men are Bob, Frank and Jim R.- George checks his gear, faced turned away, behind them.

 Glenn chats up Neil when he visits from the 2nd NJ reg't.  Ken Miller, Heard's Brigade commander, was our Captain for the event.

 waiting in formation...hurry up and wait, just like the real army.  Bob, in black jacket, has Mike to his left.

Kevin and Bob, George, Glenn, Frank and Don from Heard's watch Vi cook!

The militia moves to attack the British Dragoons in the "battle of Glouster Hook"

 Saturdays formation of the Southern Battalion at Endview Plantation, where the battles were held.

looking south from the campfire

Chill of the early morn...

 The Ladies help out in camp- Tracey and Vi working on supper

 Mike, George,  Paul of Heard's and Bob, Jim, and in the far back, Kevin

 George, Mike, Jim R, Frank, and Jim P.  drill Friday morning.

 Tracey at sunset-- nice picture, Mike!

 on Friday, the ladies relax

 The Battalion gets ready to march to Surrender Field on Sunday.  This is just one of three battalions present.  Another 40 or more men were behind the militia, not to mention that this picture is taken from the front of the militia and doesn't show them either!

  Some of the Ensigns (Flags) 

  Silently the British marched past.  No cheering, No jeering,   A respected enemy.  To add to the solemnity, it was raining.