The Official Rosters of Outwater's Company

A Day Book for the Goile Guard & also to Guard the Presioners at Courts at the Request of the high Sheriff of the County of Bergen, Began the fifteenth of March and Ended the tenth of April, 1779#
First Name Last Name Rank

John Outwater -Capt

Abraham Post -Lt

Henry Vanwinkel -Srt

Henderick Vanderhoof

Jacobus Powlefson

George Brinkerhof

Isaac Laback -Drm

Selvester Morriss -Corl

Tunes Vanderstine

Arie Bersh

Moriss Earle

John Bardan -Sart

John Durise

John Bant

Jacob Brower

Elyus Brevoort

David Ritzaino Bogert

? Brass -Corl

William Yong

William Warnir

Luke Vanwinkel -Sargt

John A. Ackraman

Abraham Ackraman

Gilbart Vanunburgh

Garret Hopper

Cornelius Hopper -Corp

Abraham Housman

Henderick P.Ackraman

Cornelyus Cooper

Jacob Vanderbeeck -Corpl

Doc John Vanburen

James Hursman

Barent Vanderbeck

Rowles Vanderbeck

Henderick Vangisen

Isaac Bardan

L 'Gerret Vanwaginen

Roland Hill

Peter Albins

Abraham Vanderbeck

Stephen Ferhune

Cornelyus D. Ackraman

James Chappel

Henderick Dennic -Fifes

William Brower



NJ State Troops

transcription by Glenn Valis

comments in (paranethese)

(*indicates question on reading name)

(**BIG GUESS on reading name)

from US Archive microfilm roll M-246-64

Payroll #1 (no date given)

(Left hand Column)


Capt. John Outwater
Lieut. Joseph Catterlin
Ensign Cornelius Riker
Sart. John Barcaw
Sart. Henry Jones
Corp. Peter Vreeland
Corp. Paul Poorhus
Sart. Henry Denny
Horseman Peter Carr
Horseman Henry Vanderhoff
Drummer Isaac Loback* (lobach)
Thomas Carr
Gastin Daman
James Jinkins
Stadius Smith
David Banta
Minned* McLouis
William Spirt*
Ebenezer Spinidge
John Lozier
John Vreeland (Vreland)
Jacob Springal
Nathaniel Siscoe
Peter Siscoe
Thomas Barrent
John Van Houten
James Wahu*
John Stang or Haux**
Cornelius Bross* (Brass? or Brap?)
Thomas Praisow
David McAfee
Michael Van Voort

Right hand Column

Sart. Peter Day
Resolve Waldron
David Henion
Edward Marlelssor*
Cornelius Kip
David Dey
John Stormd
Abraham Ratan
Francis Romine
John L. Stag
Bertas Van Houten
William Coorter*
Garret Blauvelt
Henry Van Geson
Sart. John Terhune
William Warish*
Cornelius Hopper
Cornelius Ackuman*
John Zabriskie
James Borde
John Thomas
Jacob Brown
Sart. Anthony Benue*
Anthony G. Beami
James Beami
Corp. James Beami
David Linen
Joseph Stark
John Steniow*
Samuel Bartalssy*
John Stoot
Abraham Vreeland


Payroll from the 1st of July to December 1st, 1781


Capt. John Outwater
Lieut. Joseph Catterlin
Ensign Cornelius Sedan
2 lieut. Elyus Brevoort
Sart. John Brocaw
Sart. Henry Denny
Sart. Henry Jones
Corp. Paul Voorhees
Corp. Peter Vreland
Corp. Jerimiah Poop
Drummer Isaac Labach
Horseman Henry Vanderhoff
Horseman Peter Carr
Thomas Carr
Gastin Daman
James Jinkins
Stadius Smith
Daniel Banta
William Shain
Ebenezer Spenidge
John Vreland
Jacob Springal
John Lozier
Nathaniel Siscow
Thomas Taut*
Charles Dogety (or Dogely*)
James Wames*
Christopher Poop
Thimely Bigal
Jerimiah Jenings
Thos. Pears
Cornelius Brap
Daniel McAfee
Garret Sholy
Samuel Furguson
Barent Evertson
Corp.Abraham Vreland
Robert Gold
Hugh Goble
William Mckinnie
John Williams
Benjemin Bootman


Payroll from December 1781


Capt. John Outwater
Lieut. Joseph Catterlin
Ensign Cornelius Sedain
2 lieut. Elyus Brevoort
Sart. John Brocaw
Sart. Henry Jones
Corp. Peter Vreland
Corp. Jerimiah Poop
Drummer Isaac Labach
Horseman Henry Vanderhoff
Horseman Peter Carr
Gustin Duman
Stadius Smith
Daniel Banta
William Shain
Ebenezer Spenidge
John Lozeir
Cornelius Borass (Borass?)*
Daniel McAfee
Garret Van Houten
John Scholy
Samuel Furguson
Corp. Abraham Vreland
Robert Gold
Hugh Goble
William McKinnie
John Williamson
Benjamin Bookman
Jerimiah Jinings
Thomas Carr
George Higbee

A fairly complete list of the men and officers serving under Captain John Outwater from General Stryker's papers in the NJ Archives, SDEA1002

General Stryker was the Adj. General of NJ in the late 1800's. He amassed the material for his "Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War". These names were taken from the list he had compiled of the men who served under each captain. His sources are not known, however, all errors here are probably mine in the transcription.

Remember, that under the "Class System", where each company was divided into 4 classes, when men were called out, one from each class was called and formed into a composite unit. Therefore, each man served various periods under many officers during the 8 years of the war. This list also includes those who served in during the time Outwater commanded a company of state troops.


Captain John Outwater



George G. Ryerson

Adam Boyd .

Cornelius Stagg

David Demerest



Joseph Hogland

John Terhune

Abraham Allen




Sylvester Marius Orderly Sergt wounded at New Bridge



Anthony Beam
John Blauvelt
Peter Dey (son of Theunius)
Garrison Abraham
James Kent
Benjimen Romine
Elias Brewoort
James Kent
Jacob Van Houten
Peter Vreeland
Henry Denny wounded

David R. Bogart

Banta, Daniel
Banta, Abraham
Bardan, Henry
Bardan, Isaac
Barthoff (Berthoff) John S.
Beam, John
Beaur, Peter
Blauvelt, Abraham
Blauvelt, Joseph
Bogart, David R.
Bogart, Peter
Bogart, Tunes
Brinkerhoff, Garret
Brinkerhoff, James J.
Bracket, Nathaniel
Bross, Hermanus
Brower, Abraham
Brower, Jacob
Brower, John
Buck, James
Campbell, John
Crapple, James
Crouk, Matthew
Care, Thomas
Carr, Peter
Duryee, John
Demerest, David
Demerest, William
Demerest, John
Demerest, Peter D.
Demerest, Peter S.
Demerest, Peter John
Demerest, Phillip
Demerest, Samuel
Demerest, Seinous
Demerest, William {possibly the same William?}
Dey, David
Francisco, Abraham
Garrison, Aaron
Hammond, Thomas
Helius, Samuel
Hinds, Edward
Hudson, John
Jarloman, Harp
Kent, James
Laback, Isaac also drummer, state troops
Lee, John
Lues, Anthony
Lozier, John
Lozier, Hillibrant
Lozier, Peter
Morris, Sylvester
Packer, John
Pipinger, Abraham
Posh, John
Post, Cornelius, H.
Post, John C.
Post, John P.
Pulis, John
Robertson, Jesse
Romine, Benjamin
Romine, Samuel
Roome, Buyanin
Ruban, Paul
Roome, Henry
Ryerson, John G.
Rykerman, John
Sisco, Peter I.
Smith, Daniel, G.
Smith, States
Speer, Jacob
Storius, John
Terhune, Cornelius
Terhune, Johannes
Tichenor, Joseph D.
Tuers (or Tarise), Jacob
Tise, Peter
Nauce, Rauk
Van Bussers, John
Vanderbeck, Abraham
Vanderbeck, Powles
Vanderbeck, Cornelius
VanGisson, Henry
Vaninberg, William
Van Horn, Daniel
Van Houlew, John H.
Van Scuyou, Daniel
Verbryck, Ralph
Van Voorhees, William
Vreeland, Peter
Wilson, Albert
Woodruff, Joseph

Notice the many Bergen County family names listed. Also realize that not all of these men were from Bergen County- some enlisted from other counties- Lt. Catterlain was from what is now Warren, NJ, in Somerset County, for instance.

The Horse men listed probably were used as messangers, or occasionally as scouts.


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