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men at arms forming at Elizabeth  Men at arms formed up at the Elizabeth event, June 3rd 2006.
                                                                                                                                                          Not shown, "Doc" Post, Jeff and Tim, who are under the dining fly.

talking under the dining fly  "Doc" Post shows his 18th Century Medical equipment to Peter and Jeff, while Dave shows how his fowler works to the public at the Elizabeth event.

Jeffery, Peter and Matt at the Flemington Castle
 Matt checks a bayonet fit while Frank talks to the public.
Vi takes a break from spinning at the Fleminton Castle
Outwater's and Heard's brigade, our sister militia unit, gather for lunch at Monmouth.

Glenn, Tom, Dave, Frank and Jim form for Monmouth
The militia opens the battle of Monmouth, attacking the rear guard of the British column.  That gray is the "fog of war"- black powder smoke.

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