Annual Meeting,  at the City tavern, Philly


  Bob reads the Declaration of Independence.
chef Staub of "A taste of History" TV show addresses the unit.  Chef Staub  of "A Taste of History" TV show.

The Battle of Bound Brook




                                                                            Glenn gives a lecture on the Forage war of 1777

The Museum of the American Revolution

  The messotint the unit donated towards displaying and preserving.



Battle of the Short Hills



 Friday night rain- Saturday's pool, er, fire pit

George Washington Cross State Park show


  Patrolling from the Visitors Center thru the woods to the river

Battle of Brandywine at Sandy Hollow


  Vi, don't blink... don't blinked.

  Nick, our new recruit at his first event

  our 3 man company  and the rifles waiting to ambush the enemy.

East Jersey Old Towne

preacher in old church  They had some do an original 18th Century service and sermon in the reproduction church.

Lord Stirling Festival

Vi explains details of wool spinning preperation our display

Frank leads the childrens drill 

 Tom tries out re-enacting with Nick


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