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   Annual meeting

         Geeral Heard's grave    dressed members
                                                                                                                                           'Abraham Clark', Joe, George, Alex, Glenn, Wes, Jim
     Bob, Wes, John    Founder Bob Shanahan, Wes in rear, and John

      lecture on Drover Inn history  A lecture on the history of the Merchants and Drovers Inn
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     Hunterdon County 300th anniversary parade
Jim and Andrea  Jim and Andrea portray Col. Lowery and his wife
              colonels guard  Glenn, Bob, Wes, Jim standing honor guard in the parade

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      Our event at New Bridge Landing,

    Mcmahon's   the McMahon's    our cooks  our cooks

    warning the continental's  Warning the Continental's that a British raid is expected

    Continental's fire   militia fire

    cheering  jaegers

    4th NJ volunteers (hiss)  west NJ artillery

    militia   loyalist scum

    loyalists! Boo, hiss!   continentals advance

    Matt's first event   militia marches

    captured house  militia in woods

    food for 50 served  Michele and Andrea cooked for over 50 people- soup, stew, bread.

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