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             Sept 20-21 We attended the event at Jerusalem Mills, Kingville, Maryland

Continentals lead column  The Continentals march ahead of us to battle position.

light militia camp  Our fairly spartan camp Kitchen- two boxes, a stool, a shovel and fire irons and ccoking gear.

militia relax Jeffery, George, Matt and Peter relax and get ready for the afternoon battle.

militia formed up  Some of the militia company Glenn commanded- Jeffery center front, and Peter, George and Matt in the rear.

musket cleaning  Cleaning muskets on Saturday evening.
The muskets must be clean for the morning tactical exercise- an unscripted battle the public does not see- so we can use the woods!  Supper is cooking- a venison stew.

militia looking for ambush  We stop to check for an ambush during the tactical- 30 seconds later, the riflemen in front contacted the enemy!  The horseman in the red coat is an American dragoon---yep, we found it confusing too, just like they did during the Revolution.  Eventually, Washington ordered all units with red coats to dye them brown, because they caused confusion!

Dead Red Coats rising  We take turns with the Red Coats, winning and losing- on Sunday, the Red Coats littered the field with dead, now rising for the march past the public.

Outwater's Militia  Matt, Jeffery, George, Peter and Glenn at the end of Sunday's battle.

            While some of us were at Jerusalem Mills, a few members went to the Millstone, NJ, Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary War Route  (W3R) celebration.

militiamen Alex, Frank, and Tom (from  Heard's Brigade, NJ militia) pose after the parade.

Trial of King George  Frank and Alex put King George on trial for tyranny- apparently, they did not wait for the results before hanging him! Ah, well, the verdict is                                                                                                                     never in doubt!
spinning wheel demo Vi demo's her spinning wheel.

                On Oct.5th, we attended the Lord Stirling Park 18th Century craft Festival-

 We cooked pea soup and a chicken on a string.

drilling the kids Drilling the kids

 Drilling the men

miliita on parade  Parading the militia before the crowd

Spinning wheel  Vi again showed how to use a spinning wheel

 The men of Outwater's stand ready for "Homeland Security duty"

The chicken ended up moving into the Dutch oven- both the chicken and pea soup came out just right!

watching the kids drill

 Alex takes his first shot with a musket with George's help.

            On Oct 12, we were at Rockingham house, George Washington's Headquarters while consulting with the Continental Congress, August to November, 1783.

camp kitchen fly talking under the dining fly

Matt and George set up a display of soldiers shelters- a common soldiers tent and a lean-to.

leanto  Matt liked it!

 George checks the dish water to see if it is hot.

Vi explains about wool, carding, spinning and fabric making

November 1-2 we attended an event at Hope Lodge, Ft. Washington, Pa, a historic mansion.

Our small group that made it despite the chill- George, Peter, Matt and Glenn

lIght infantry vs Brits during battle A picture from the redoubt of the Light Infantry delaying the British advance.

 Peter has "seen the elephant"- been thru his first battle, and looks forward to this one!

Hope Lodge Mansion, Ft. Washington, Pa.  The some of the encampment, with Hope Lodge behind the trees in center.

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