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Photo page 14,  Summer, 2008

In June we attended the reenactment for the  230th Anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth.

 Some of the troops marching into position before the battle, up a hill between the defiles.

 The Militia starts to drive the British back...Outwater's is coming through the fence opening.

  Frank and Jim, center,  move forward.

   Outwater's (on the right) halts to reform after driving the British from the fenceline.

 John and Julie during a break in the action.

 Jeffery explains something to Peter, while Jim, in front, is ready to move.  At the end of the line, Alex is ready with more cartridges.

 Vi teaches Rhi and Brianna to weave, which they like so much they hate to be bothered with pictures!

  Frank and Jim prime and load as the British try a counter attack.

 Doc Post, Jim and Jeffery relax after the battle.

 Moving back to let the Continentals have some action

 Glenn cooks breakfast on Sunday.

  Deb watches her kids.

  Jim pretends he is innocent of anything and everything.

 Peter and Jeffery relax while we stage between actions.

 After the battle in camp

 George helps a member of the 4th Middlesex Ct militia, another Glenn (from the 4th) and Jim by the tree.

 Immediately after a battle, hot, tired, thirsty, and hungry!

 Alex finishes checking on George, who is 'hiding'- we were told to go 'into the bushes', but it was so thick we could not get in there!

 Surgeon's Mate John takes pictures of Glenn taking pictures...Looks like Peter had to phone home, on the left.

 Matt (who was ass't Fife Major, and with the music during the battles), George and John before supper.

In July, the 24th Conn. Militia Reg't held an event to commemorate  the Battle of Wyoming., near the orginial site by Wilkes Barre, Pa.

  Tom shows off his small howitser.

A few of us attended the Clinton Red Mill museum event-

George, Matt and Julie go downtown for lunch.

 Glenn hears a joke .

  Glenn made the trip to the Battle of Newtown, near Elmira,  NY,  which was a battle against the Indians and British allies during Sullivans march to punish the Iroqouis Nations.

 Glenn ready for battle in the woods.   one of the Indians.

 We had to escort the public down thru the woods while Indians and Brits attacked.  The militia covered the rear.  We only lost a few of the women to the savages- their screams made the public keep together better!

 Close on our heels the Indians follow- stragglers and wounded are on their own!  Stay with the column!

 Glenn's camp in the woods.

 Fighting the public battle- on the left along the road, the public watches the riflemen advance against the hidden Indians.  There are at least 5 Indians in this picture----------look closely-you rarely see a whole Indian-------under the ball of smoke, center, one Indian kneels behind a tree,  and another farther directly behind the tree runs toward it.  On the right by the rightmost rifleman, above his head you see a red coated Brit, but there are two Indians just to the right of the red coat, noticable because of their red painted bodies.  In the brush just right of center is another blotch of red that is another hidden Indian.   There are more out there too!

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