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On June 14th, 2007, Outwater's hosted an event for the Historic Mid Town Elizabeth development agency, at the 1st Presbyterian Church on Broad St.  We had at least 43 participants and a large number of spectators.   Attending Units were: Outwater's, Heard's Brigade of NJ militia, 24th Conn. Regt of Militia, 3rd NJ reg't, and the British 35th Reg't of Foot.  They all did a great job for  the sponsor!

The American forces drill

George, Don Jeff, Peter, Matt and Mike look around camp.

Frank marches past

 The 3rd NJ drills on the church grounds- our battle field for the day!

 One of Heard's Militia takes a "hit"- looks like a low blow.

Don and John talk to the crowd, with Matt and Peter paying close attention to medical facts of the 18th Century.

 The militia stand firm against the British invaders.  Outwater's was 'galvanized' into 'insta-Brits' with the loan of some red coats to help the 35th Reg't under John Van Vliet.

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