Outwater’s Militia

              Application for Membership   

         Membership must be approved by the membership

New members go through a probationary period and must attend several events before being accepted.

Name :             ______________________________

Other joining members (family application):


1.______________________________       3.____________________________


2.______________________________       4.____________________________


Address:          ______________________________


Home Phone:  ______________________________


Cell Phone:      ______________________________


Email:              ______________________________



Name(s) of previous unit(s) of which you were a member: ________________________




18th Century Equipment / Clothing you already have. (If any): _____________________



Special skills (period and non-period): ________________________________________


Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________

Please enclose your check for dues, payable as follows:

            Outwater’s Militia, Inc. $10 for single membership/$15 for family

           optional- Brigade of the American Revolution: $25 for single member / $5 for each additional adult family member

Please Complete the form and return it to:


Outwater's Militia, Inc.
208 South Branch Rd.
Hillsborough, NJ, 08844